Why do i get Back Pain?

In most cases lower back pain is caused from improper lifting, bending or the lifting of heavy objects from one place to another. However, many incidents like automobile mash-ups, slips and falls or sporting accidents can cause lower back pain, as well, even from a long time ago. The fact is that if you’ve been experiencing lower back pain on a regular basis for some time now, then the best thing for you to do is visit a Chiropractor as soon as possible.

It’s a fact that lower back pain can stop you from living your daily lives in a productive manner. You don’t deserve to continue living a life filled with pain.

A Chiropractor is trained to help you diminish any form of lower back pain from your life with a personalized plan of care. You will be treated in a safe and respectful environment every time you come for a visit. That is certainly the best way for everyone to heal their lower back pain.

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I found the treatment from Dc Michael achieved permanent results and has resulted in long term improvement in my low back condition.

I found the Dc Michael professional and caring and genuinely interested in my well being. After the first visit I noticed some pain relief, but it wasn’t until the third visit I know it was working well.

Since starting care, I can do my normal stuff again. Housework, walking, shopping etc.

Since seeing Dc Michael, all the pain has gradually reduced. I feel much better and I know I am on the right track. I am happy with the care.

We never expected to be so good with our backs again and have recommended and informed a lot of friends with back problems about this approach to a better back. Thank you Dc Michael!
Henry & Jutta

I would recommend Dc Michael to anyone who is suffering from any sort of pain and I myself am glad that he was recommended to me.