What is Fibromyalgia?
Former Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Pain Sufferers Finally Discover The Secret To Getting Relief!

Pain is something that most of us don’t like, but pain is something most people don’t know what to do about it, especially with fibromyalgia pain.

We here at DMChiropractic like helping people with their health problems and fibromyalgia is what we consider one of our specialties. Dr Mike always tells his patients, “You don’t have to live with ANY TYPE of pain!”

Here’s the funny thing about that though. Most people don’t believe when we tell them that. Our belief is that you don’t have to take drugs or have surgery to get rid of your pain, even if you have fibromyalgia pain.

We have seen people come here in wheel chairs with strokes, congestive heart failure, bad backs, and neck pain from a work injury and even pain from auto accidents, and we have rarely seen anyone NOT get some relief. In fact, your visit has a satisfaction guarantee.

Now we are not bragging, but these little miracles are what ‘trips our trigger’ and helps us do what we do, on a daily basis. We love to help people, but nothing gives us a bigger thrill than helping someone regain their health, and to do it as quickly as possible, and without any discomfort.

Here’s what one of our patients have to say about her experience with fibromyalgia.

I have had fibromyalgia for 12 years. My body ached and I was in pain daily.
I had burning and stinging sensations and I would stay exhausted. Some of the medications I was taking kept me drowsy and not able to function. Dr. Mike’s treatments are different than any other doctors I’ve been to. His natural therapies are very helpful. The entire office is very friendly and concerned about their patients. Besides helping me with the pains, I feel that taking his nutritional advice has also helped, as I now have more energy and I lost 9kgs.
Gwen B


Dr Mike will sit down with you and discuss your fibromyalgia problems and find out if you qualify for the specialized type of fibromyalgia care plan. If Dr Mike can’t help he will tell you and not waste your time!

Here’s what other patients have to say:

My pains were affecting my daily activities. I wasn’t able to lead my life normally. Dr Michael got my spine feeling better; I now have less pains everywhere. I AM healthier!
Gwen C

I have been coming to Dr. Mike for about a week now. When I came in to see him I had Fibromyalgia really bad, I have had it for 3 ½ years. Within the first week of seeing Dr. Mike I feel at least 40% better, I don’t have so much pain in my neck and shoulders anymore and I am able to get up in the morning and not be stiff and feeling run down as I used to feel. I just feel so much better.
Deborah S

I came to Dr. Mike because of my Fibromyalgia, I ached all over, my back hurt and I was tired all the time. Dr. Mike’s treatments help me with my pain, I am not as tired, I feel so much better. I also have a better attitude about my daily life because of his treatments. Thank you Dr. Mike.

I have had chronic pain for years, Dr. Mike has helped me with the pains and his care has also helped reduce the amount of medications I have to take to live comfortably. I am very Happy with Dr. Mike.
Grant S


We may be a little hard to find at first, but once you’ve found us, it’ll be worth it because you’re finally going to get some relief, and really, isn’t that what’s it all about?
You can call us anytime. If someone isn’t there, just leave your name and phone number and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Don’t wait until your fibromyalgia gets worst. This is your chance to get relief.

Contact us now if you want to experience soothing relief from fibromyalgia. It’s never too late to get help.

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