A Drowning Man


One day, a pretty young woman was standing among a small crowd on the deck of a cruise ship sailing from Malacca to Penang.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an older gentleman, who was watching the wake behind the ship, slip, falter, and suddenly fall overboard.  Without much excitement, she slowly peered over the edge to see him bobbing and screaming in the turbulent water below.

After hearing the man’s ever-weakening yells for help, another woman frantically ran to his rescue by throwing a life preserver to the drowning man.  The man’s rescuer then, shouting angrily, asked the watcher why she had not offered the drowning man assistance.  The woman then simply replied, “I did not know him.”

This story seems appalling, but how many times have we seen someone in pain, someone hunched over from 50 or 60 years of degeneration, or met someone who has had a recent car accident and we have simply done nothing?  You have experienced great results from your chiropractic care, and know that it can save the life of another.

The next time you see someone who can be saved through chiropractic care, throw them a life preserver and share your chiropractic story with them.  Give them a referral card!  It may just save his or her life!

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