Are you listening to your body?

If you listen to your body, you can pick up the faintest, earliest warnings that something is wrong. Now I’m not talking about symptoms, I’m talking about how you “function” everyday.

With a good examination, one that checks your nervous system, these little messages can be detected long before your health issue becomes too serious. Ignore these subtle little warnings, and your body may put you in pain to get your attention!


Watch for things like:

· Pain or discomfort attempting to turn or bend
· An inability to fall or stay asleep
· You start developing dark circles under your eyes
· An increase in frequency of urination
· A persistent cough or ringing in the ears
· Sudden loss or increase of weight that is unexplained
· Changes in your digestion or excessive gas


Again, if you wait until your symptoms become MAJOR symptoms – it can make correction very difficult. If you’ve been waiting for a problem to “go away on its own,” I’m going to give you some good sound advice. Call today for a thorough examination so we can find out what’s causing your problems. If you have friends, share this article with them.