Bedwetting Facts

I want to share this with you today since I have helped children with this problem through chiropractic. Whatever you do, don’t let bedwetting affect your child’s self esteem, when chiropractic may be able to help – safely, quickly, and effectively!

If you were a bed-wetter as a child, you surely remember the embarrassment, shame and remorse that accompanied each episode.

Perhaps you were called, “lazy” or “baby,” which only added to your feelings of shame.


If you have a child who is a bed-wetter, you need to understand it is not something they have any control over. Chances are, if your child is a bed-wetter, either you or your child’s other parent was one too.


Children achieve bladder control at different ages, so bed-wetting under the age of five is fairly common and rarely a cause for concern. It affects more boys than girls and bed-wetting episodes may go on into adolescence.


Causes include an inability to awaken from sound sleep, heredity, hormonal problems, or a nervous system compromise from subluxations that affects your child’s ability to keep the bladder from emptying while asleep.


The shame your child feels as a bed-wetter could lead to emotional or behavior problems, particularly if your child is older. Your child should never be made to feel guilty about bed-wetting since it is something that is beyond his or her control. Any form of punishment does nothing to solve the problem and can actually make it worse.


Here’s something you may not know. Chiropractic adjustments have also been shown to be successful in reducing many bed-wetting episodes.


The nerves that control the emptying of the bladder are connected to the brain through the spine.

Aligning the spine may correct any faulty messaging or incomplete nerve impulses that travel between the bladder and the brain. Several studies have confirmed that there is every reason for parents to at least give chiropractic a try. But remember, for the body to regain it’s balance, it takes time.


Don’t expect a miracle. Nature will take care of the healing, you just need to make the appointments.

If bed-wetting is a problem for your child, or someone you know, please mention it on your next visit so we can discuss some options.


Thank you for understanding that bed wetting is something we can help.