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I’ve had a flyer very similar to this before, but kids are important, I’m going to discuss colic again. Colic is defined as inconsolable crying in an infant for as least three hours a day, at least three days a week, for at least three weeks. I think I forgot this after all my schooling […]

One of the first questions a lot of my patients ask me about chiropractic is: “How long is this going to take me to heal up doc?” This is a good question, but just let me say this. Some drug treatments are prescribed for a lifetime. Things like diabetic drugs and blood pressure drugs. When […]

Vascular Headaches Produced by irritation and inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain caused by a variety of diseases (fevers, drugs, poisons, toxins, altered pH, nerve irritation, hormone imbalance).   Migraine Headaches A neural-hormonal- vascular phenomenon of disabling proportions caused by a complex interaction between the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the affected […]

Scientists searching for the causes of falling sperm counts are getting a clearer picture of the role played by chemical pollutants – and it’s not a pretty one.   A study of urine samples from nearly 100 male volunteers has uncovered “alarming” levels of endocrine disruptors known to reduce human fertility.   Cocktails of chemicals […]

Your nervous system is a complex network of millions and millions of nerves, the spinal cord, and the brain that reach out and affect every part of your body. The core of the nervous system is the spinal cord which receives and transmits information in the body. Let me give you an example. If I […]

Neck pain can stem from an endless list of causes. For example, you might sleep in the wrong position, and wake up with a cramp in your neck; you might be involved in an auto accident, and experience discomfort characteristic of whiplash; or you may go dancing with friends, and experience a spasm that causes […]

Philadelphia, PA, July 6, 2016 – A new meta-analysis in Biological Psychiatry reports that sleep disturbances and long sleep duration are associated with increases in markers of inflammation.   “It is important to highlight that both too much and too little sleep appears to be associated with inflammation, a process that contributes to depression as […]

Opponents of Chiropractic have attempted a ‘smear’ campaign over the years by suggesting that chiropractic adjustments to the neck increased the risk of a certain type of stroke.   This campaign was never based upon ANY scientific evidence, but rather on ‘biased’ opinions.   A study was published in the medical scientific journal “Spine” on […]

Do you really want to be healthy? Are you doing everything you can to avoid looking 20 years older than you are?   FACT: Nearly 100% of all loss of height as you grow older happens because of diseased and dehydrated spinal discs.   FACT:You are born with 23 healthy spinal discs. To keep them […]

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports lends support to a body of research suggesting that reading on electronic devices reduces comprehension. The study found that reading on a smartphone promotes overactivity in the prefrontal cortex, less frequent sighing, and lower reading comprehension. More than ever, people are reading via electronic devices — for example, […]