Chiro Book review
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Chiro Book Review

     I’ve always been an avid reader, and I recently re-read an old classic,  The Richest Man in Babylon by George Classon.  I HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on this one.  It’s packed full of age-old wisdom on prosperity and creating abundance in your life.  The book was essentially written about a group of archeologists who were excavating in the area of what used to be known as Babylon, the richest city of its time.  They came across thousands of clay tablets that had been inscribed with the laws of the ancient city, which they translated into modern language.  The message that they discovered on the tablets turns out to be why Babylon was the richest city ever known up to that time. 

A few main points that the author makes are:

  1. Save 10% of everything you earn
  2. Control your expenditures
  3. Put your saved money in a place where it will multiply
  4. Take financial advice only from those who have experience there
  5. Increase your ability to earn by investing in your own financial education

Though the ancient city of Babylon is long gone, the teachings of its people can benefit us all today.  If you haven’t read this one (or if it’s been a while) it is an absolute MUST in your library.