Chiropractic Relieves Dizziness After Auto Injury

Chiropractic care cured vertigo and dizziness for patients in a new case study.

Vertigo and dizziness are common after an auto accident, and can result from head injuries or a sudden, violent motion of the head that disturbs the vestibular system. Patients may also experience nausea, sleep disturbances, and balance problems among other symptoms.

In the study, eight patients with vertigo received chiropractic treatments aimed at restoring function of the vestibular system. All patients reported a reduction in the duration, frequency, and severity of symptoms, including less pain and disability.

After an average of eight days, every patient reported a complete relief of vertigo dizziness. These improvements lasted for the follow-up visit three months later.

Other studies have shown that chiropractic can also relieve cervicogenic dizziness and headache. If you’re suffering from dizziness after an auto collision, chiropractic could provide natural, effective relief.


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