Chiropractic Story

“I have been seeing a chiropractor for terrible foot pain during hiking. It turned out that I was totally out of alignment, my hips were not level, one leg was longer than the other, and I had some cervical vertebrae (C3,C4) way out of alignment, as well as one near where my bra strap is. The problem was not in my foot, my whole body was misaligned and compensating making my muscles tight all over. They have been using the massager on me and not doing hand adjustments, because my muscles were so tight.
I had an appointment 2 days ago. He gasped when he pulled my hair back, because he could see the bones sticking out of my neck on the right side. He touched it and could not believe I had no pain. He tested my nerves. They have to do with eye movement, and smiling and frowning. He did the adjustment, and they tested strong again.

Now comes the really good part. I have low blood pressure, normally 80-90/50 and very bad circulation. I have to move at night because my arms fall asleep and I am unable to move them.


If I lean on my arm, or cross my legs, I lose feeling and can’t move them. I always thought this was candida, because I have that and I know the problem gets worse when I eat sugar or wheat. The night of my adjustment, and last night, I slept really well and had dreams which I can remember! No circulation problems! I looked up the cranial nerves and sure enough, #3 is related to blood pressure!


So I tested this yesterday by eating some organic cookies! That should have made it worse. But no, I slept really well! My hands are warmer! I can cross my legs! I’m leaning on my elbow while I write this without losing circulation! I took my BP this morning out of curiosity, it was 117/75! Woo Hoo!

It’s only been two days, I hope it lasts. Amazing! Hard to believe I went for foot pain, and something totally unexpected was helped! Why didn’t I know that sooner? I never would have guessed, because my neck did not hurt.”