Chiropractic for Injuries

By all means it is important to get the injury properly evaluated by a Chiropractor, to ascertain the amount of damage. Nearly all of these injuries can recover, although they do need knowledgeable treatment during the various stages of healing. If not carefully monitored and treated, a sprain or strain injury can result in long-lasting joint instability, painful or weak joints and muscles, and lack of mobility. A chiropractor that is trained in the treatment of sports injuries can give expert advice and management you’ll need to insure that your injury will recover in the best possible way.

A chiropractor is your best source of help. Call a chiropractor if you’re either thinking of beginning a new activity, you’re feeling pain related to a current sports activity, or you’ve sustained a sports injury. Your Chiropractor has years of experience helping people just like you.

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I can dance without pain in my knees again. Thank you!
Xi Wen

It has amazed me how many times I have utilized Michael’s knowledge and expertise for calf strains, rolled ankles and tight hamstrings. With regular chiropractic care, I feel more in tune and not to mention an improved sense of wellbeing. Dc Michael, thank you.

I had been to a few different doctors and physios and not been happy with the results. So after having adjustments regularly for a few months I was happy with the results and now I very rarely have any problem with my elbows.

My back now only needs an occasional adjustment but as my right knee is so worn I see Dc Michael on a regular basis and I can definitely say that I am happy with the improvements I am experiencing.

Since seeing Dc Michael, my back is ‘fixed’. I am doing so much more activities like climbing, yoga, mountain biking. Dc Michael has also helped me get fitter than I’ve been in a long time and also lost weight.