What Some Have Said About Dc Mike

Dc Michael put me back into shape in just a month. I did my homework and I’m back to running 10km now after a 6 years absence. I feel 20 years younger but much stronger, and I’m sleeping like a baby now. Thank you so much Dc Michael.
Damian C, Engineer

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my R knee and have been told by 2 seperate orthopedic surgeons that I will never be able to improve my condition. Dc Michael’s care has allowed me to do things I have not been able to do for several years. My improvements have been tremendous!
Katy C, Ballet teacher, 50

My lower back and knees were hurting, and my tight adductors were not letting me continue with yoga or running; my migraines were also seriously compromising my quality of life. Since seeing Dc Michael, my pains and migraines have drastically reduced and I now know what needs to be done to improve my health.
Shilpa C, Home Director, 40

I wasn’t able to write and workout due to the wrist pains I was having. I even have had cortisone injections! Since seeing Dc Michael, I am now back in the gym full time and my overall health has improved.
YP Chen, Optometrist, 51

My hunchback and lower back pain were affecting my daily activities. I wasn’t able to lead my life normally. Dc Michael got my spine feeling better; I now have less shoulder, neck pains. I AM healthier!
Gwen C, Executive Assistant, 31

I am an aspiring professional ballerina. I had a grade 3 ankle sprain recently. Dc Michael’s care has gotten me back on track, helping my ankle get stronger and allowing me to dance well and better.
Michelle W, Dancer, 17

I had an injury and my health condition deteriorated. I was depressed and had no energy to live. Dc Michael’s care has given me back my appetite, my sleep, my life force!
Hiromi C, Home Maker, 43

My backache was giving me trouble sitting and causing disturbed sleep. I couldn’t even exercise. Dc Michael has helped me get my life back on track.
William Lew, Construction Manager, 24

Better sleep, full mobility, gains in strength…I could go on forever. Thanks for taking care of my health and looking out for me.
Alex L, Contractor, 26

I came in for a health checkup and Dc Michael found out why I was experiencing pains everywhere. I still get on and off pains but I have found relief from the care and knowing how to take care of my spine.
SC Ong, Home maker, 69

My back pains were so bad I couldn’t even bend to put on my socks! I probably would be using a walking stick and be in discomfort and pain all the time while not being able to work if not for the effective treatment given my Dc Michael. My improvements in mobility and overall physical health is allowing me to continue enjoying golf and other simple pleasures in life. Dc Michael is a very gentle and caring physician both in and out of the clinic!
PS Kam, General Manager, 63

Dear Dc Chan,
I think I must write this to you. A big thank you to you for having me as your patient. For the past few weeks, I’ve experienced big changes in my body. It has been many years that I have lived with my back pain problem. I was so used to the pain until I didn’t even recognize the pain feeling anymore. Until recently, the pain getting more serious and I have no choice but to really find a solution for myself. Then I found you.
After each of the treatment session, I can feel the improvement. I can feel my body is getting back to the state that it suppose to be. It is now easier for me to stand up from chair, bend down my knee, squat down to carry my kids and so on. It was like having a brand new body for myself again. My movement has been so much light and easy.
I know there are still a few more sessions to go to complete the treatment. But I just can’t wait to tell you how happy I am. I really looking forward to discover my new body.
Again, thank you.
SJ Teoh, Insurance agen

Dear Dc Michael,
Just to update of my condition. After a few visits to yr treatments, now my conditions have shown improvement, my knees are not as painful.
And i have been doing your exercise regularly. Thank you for the treatment and the exercises, they really works for me. 🙂

I was experiencing back pains and it was making me tired, affecting my moods and my productivity at work. If it had gotten worst, it would have been harder to play with the kids as well. Since seeing Dc Michael, my overall health has been better. I have more energy at work as stress related pains are also decreasing. It is also easier to play with and carry my kids now. I will definitely recommend Dc Michael to others and have done so already!
Razif S, 36, Hotel Consultant

I was getting chronic lower back and hip pain . It was making me less mobile, less active and I was having trouble sitting for longer periods of time. Dc Michael’s care has allowed me to move better. I would definitely recommend others to see him!
Riz, Copywriter, 24

I found out about Dc Michael’s clinic through my aunt who is also a patient. I was seeking Chiropractic care for my right hand which was in pain and I couldn’t lift anything at all. It was affecting work and sleep.
Since seeing Dc Michael, there is a reduction in pain. I am also having less headaches, less migraines and less vomiting episodes. I would recommend Dc Michael to others.
Joanna N, 40, Marketing

I was recommended to see Dc Michael through friends. I was experiencing body numbness and aches. Since starting Chiropractic care, I am healthier. I have more energy and strength to go about with my daily chores.
SY Hoh. 66, Businessman

I was not able to sit or dance properly due to my injured spine and ankle. Since seeing Dc Michael, my balance and posture has improved and I can spine in dance now without losing balance. I have brought my daughter to see Dc Michael too and she has experienced better sleep as well.
Debbie L, 41, Sales Executive

I was seeking Chiropractic care to help with my sleep. My condition getting worst and starting to affect my daily life. Sleeping soundly is important to perform at work. Dc Michael has been very professional, friendly and helpful. I have been having better sleep and don’t feel drowsy anymore during the day, my family life has been a lot better because of this.
CH Loo

I was recommended to see Dc Michael by a friend. I was seeking Chiropractic care for my very bad back pain. It was getting to the point where I am not able to travel for my job as well as participate in a lot of daily activities. I have seen big improvements in my back pains and I can now wake up from bed with ease.
Melvin I, 51, Hotel Management

I found out about Dc Michael’s office through mum’s friend. I was having bad shoulder pain. The shoulder pain was stopping me from playing volleyball and I can even feel pain when I write for a while. Dc Michael and Chiropractic care helped improved my health and I was able to play well in the national volleyball competition.
JW Hew, 20, Student

I sought Chiropractic care to help with my migraines and infertility issues. I now have no more migraines and this here is Rafan Wildan!
Nik Faizah, 35, Engineer

Since I started Chiropractic care with Dc Mike, my lower back pain reduced and my stomach is getting better provided that I follow his instructions. Now, my performance level is higher and I am getting stronger. Thank you Dc Mike!
CH Tang, 21, Entrepreneur

I don’t think I’ll be where I am now with my dancing without dc mike’s help. I sustained an injury on my left ankle and had tried all kinds of methods to get it back on track. Finally after 4 months +/- of searching, one of my mentors introduced me to dc mike. I was rather depressed at that point and decided to give it a try, although I had no idea what chiropractors did.
The effects weren’t immediate as with anything. After a few months of continuos chiro care, I found myself getting stronger and being able to dance en pointe again. It was really the happiest point in my life. Being rather injury prone, having dc mike give me advice and tips on what I should do and avoid ( if necessary) really helps me with my dream as well. I’m rather grateful to have found dc mike as an alternative to the surgery that was recommended by the orthopedic doctor.
Lyn, 21, Administrative Assistant & Dancer

Ever since I’ve been under the care of Dc Michael, I have seen gradual improvements of my spine. I feel much healthier now and am also more active in my daily life. Thank you Dc Michael!
Chloe, 25, Teacher

My back was hurting and even alcohol wasn’t helping anymore. It was making me feel very weak and useless. Dc Michael got me out of pain, I don’t get any more headaches either. I also love Dc Mike’s killer style.
Mervin, 21, DeeJay

Dc Michael has helped me with my back pains which were pretty depressing as it was stopping me from many activities of daily life. My health problems are managed well now and I can now enjoy things in life that are important to me.
Mohd N. 45, Senior Management

I have scoliosis, it was giving me so much pain that I couldn’t even sleep some time. Now I don’t feel pain anymore!
ZK Tee, 17, Student

I’m a full time violin teacher and performer, hour long practices are art of my daily routine. Dc Michael’s care has got my shoulders and back feeling much better and I’m now able to practice more.
Lisa C, 26, Violinist

My neck was broken from young, I have had ongoing spinal problems since. It was affecting how my daily life went. Since seeing Dc Michael, I have not had any recurrence of my problems for the last 18months! I have recommended Dc Mike to quite a few people.
Robert W, Golf Coach

I have seen a few orthopedic specialists and they haven’t been able to help me. My low back was affecting my life, in particular sports as well as other daily activities. I couldn’t even sit!
I am now back on track and am even playing futsal again.
Mohanad, 25, Engineer

I have bad scoliosis, causing lots of back pain and various joint pains. I was unable to sit properly or even lift, which was bad for my work. I now have no more back pain, and I am stronger and healthier overall.
JH Tang, 25, Site Supervisor

My knees and ankles were hurting badly due to my extreme sports adventures. I was concerned about its impact on my future health. Since seeing Dc Michael, I am less injury prone, as well as being stronger and more stable.
Sylvia G, 28, Admin

My backache was affecting my daily routine, and exercising is something very important to me that I couldn’t do anymore. I am getting a lot better, getting my normal life back. I can go the whole day at work without feeling tired now, as well as being able to work out with friends more.
Charis T, 25, Pharmacist

I was having lower back pain that was affecting m daily routines. It was hard to even walk around. Dc Michael has helped me get to being almost being pain fee and my posture is better!
Roy P, 32, Event Management

My butt pain was making it hard to even sit down. It was affecting my work badly since I am in sales. Dc Michael’s care has helped me get back on track.
Darren K, 36, Sales

The health of my family and I has improved since we all started seeing Dc Michael.
Jane L, 40, Teacher

My scoliosis was giving me pain, and I was not able to do a lot of exercises and sports. I have less pain now, whilst my scoliosis has reduced from 38 to 35 degrees!
Cass T, 17, Student

My back pain was making it uncomfortable to sleep or dance. I feel so much better now have less pain everywhere. Thank you Dc Michael!
YS Yap, 17, Student

My legs were getting numb and I could hardly move around anymore. Dc Michael has helped me get my strength, movements back and I can go about easily now. I have since referred a few of my relatives to see him!
SS Tan, 66

Picking up the phone to make an appointment to see Dc Chan was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did he manage to fix my lower back but the constant neck pain and headaches are now a thing of the past. Dc Chan is a testament to his field and a great contributor of knowledge to his patients. I say this as a step in supporting him in his passion and mission to help others. Thank you for doing what you do!
Christina L, Lawyer