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A Message from Dc Tim Chew

One after another, my ‘doctors’ gave up. I was close to giving up too.. Imagine being told you are obese at 11,

on top of being a borderline type 2 diabetic with a whole host of other health complications.

Drugs…more drugs…diets…diet pills? ‘Just eat less’ was so engrained into me I could time.

when it was time for the next doctor to say it. I was barely eating every day, but still 3 times the size of my older brother. Unending spirals of frustrations, the walls were closing in on me, both figuratively and literally. I didn’t know how to cope…everything seemed pointless.

I was 17, and after what seemed like a lifetime of depression and anxiety, I experienced Chiropractic for the first time. The black dog lifted, there was…hope? My life took a sharp right to the upside, where I am still finding rejuvenation. I learnt from then, how to prioritize longevity and sustainability in health and wellness.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

I have found my calling, my vocation. I am to pay that miracle of chiropractic forward, improving health & wellness, one life at a time. With absolute certainty and renewed purpose in life, I enrolled at IMU to be a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Today, I am a holder of Chiropractic Science Honours Degree with hundreds of clinical hours under my belt. I am at the peak of my health. Most importantly, I have started my journey in being a doctor that heals and guides. This is the path I walk.

Jesus in John 10:11 said to the Pharisees,
“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

I will not give up on any who is under my care. That is my promise. You are my blood.

Time to start living your best lives.

What Some Have Said About Dc Tim Chew

There were days where I could not get out of bed from the pain in my lower back from my job as an aircraft technician. Thanks to Dc Tim’s help, I am now able to return to work pain free.
Ken Too

After starting care with Tim, I feel lighter and experiences less aches and pains after working out. I truly experienced a huge difference in lifestyle.
Nicole Goh

Before I met Tim, I had thought that the pain I was experiencing in my back would last my whole life as nothing else I tried helped! So thankful for meeting Dc Tim!
Toh Jo-Ey

Apart from getting out of pain and being able to play with my grandchildren again, Dc Tim also taught me so much about lifestyle and the changes I could make in my everyday routine.
Elvira Ham

I had numbness in both my arms for years without being able to find any help. After treatment from Dc Tim, I am now free again and do not have issues sleeping anymore!
Ryan Wong

After treatment from Tim, I am now able to return to badminton 4 times a week without any pains at all in my elbow. Thank you Tim!
Leong Sek Meng

I had a fall and could not walk for 3 days. Thought it was going to be like that my whole life! But thanks to Dc Tim’s meticulous and comprehensive care, I am now back to work and pain free!
Ganagarajh Letchimanan

I’m an avid gym-goer, I first saw Dc Tim with a pain in my shoulder that I have ignored for years! But after care under Dc Tim, I realised I am able to perform so much better now!
Faris Hassan

Apart from being pain free in both my knees as well as my low back, I am now able to live drugless with my blood pressure under control! So grateful for Tim! He has a bright future indeed!
Lee Chui Kim

I had numbness in my hands and fingers after pregnancy, I was clueless as to what was going on as every “doctor” had differing opinions. Tim was very convincing in how he explained my condition, and sure enough, I was able to regain all of my sensation after a few visits. Extremely appreciative of Tim’s help!
Serin Goh

I have always noticed that my legs and shoulders were of different length and height respectively. After a few sessions with Dc Tim, noticed that there was no more difference in both my legs and shoulders. Forever grateful for his help.
Tan Sven Ni

I had bad lower back pain and extremely painful period cramps for the past 3 years. After seeing Tim for a few sessions, I no longer have pain in my low back and I was also pain free in my latest menses.
Tan Sven Sven

Seeing Tim has allowed me to resume swimming competitively without anymore shoulder aches!
Bryan Yap

I have lived my life with pains and aches as a gymnast. But after meeting Dc Tim, I now have realised that I am able to perform so much better and stronger without these pains! Thank you Dc Tim!
Jamie Gian

I had severe low back pain and diabetes after giving birth to my 3 boys. After treatment under Tim, I am now pain free and also have my blood sugar levels under control! Thank you Tim!!
Sukii Ng

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