Do You Want Help With Stress?

Do You Want Help With Stress?


There are two principles that uniquely bind chiropractic and stress management care.


The first is the principle of MOVEMENT. In stress management care, it is imperative for the patient to realize that most emotional issues cannot be fully resolved in one day. Life is a process and revelations about one’s life occur over a period of time. Thus, stress management strategies are directed at providing for positive emotional movement in resolving our issues.


Chiropractic is founded on the premise that the body heals itself. It can do so when the nervous system is FREE from any interference in nerve transmission to the body.


When there is loss of proper bodily motion, muscles lose their natural tone causing nerves to become irritated. Therefore, full range of motion of the musculo-skeletal system is essential to nervous system integrity. Chiropractic manipulation is directed toward increasing range of motion and decreasing muscular restrictions.


The second principle relating chiropractic and stress management is the phenomenon of REFLEXES. A reflex occurs when one body system is unbalanced and causes another system to function improperly. It is well accepted that our mental/emotional condition affects our physical state.


Perhaps the best known reaction of the body to emotional stress is the neck muscle tension and headache occasioned by emotional stress. This mechanism is known as a psychosomatic (muscle) reflex. A similar mechanism occurs when emotional stress causes a stomach ulcer. This is a psychovisceral (organ) reflex.  Get checked today!!!!