Don’t wait until its too late!

Millions of people suffer unnecessarily every day with debilitating foot pain.  I don’t know if you do and you just have not mentioned it to me or one of the staff, but if you do have foot pain, tell me.

I’m saying that today because it is common for people to accept foot pain as a normal part of life.
I don’t!

Foot pain suffers many times feel as though that’s the way their feet are and they just need to learn to live with the pain. For decades, foot pain sufferers have attempted to resolve their foot problems by purchasing and using a variety of different shoe inserts. Many times these shoe inserts are purchased over the counter or from specialty stores; whereas other foot pain suffers will even go so far as to see a foot doctor to get custom fitted orthotics to wear inside their shoes.

Now I’m not saying these are bad. While wearing a good pair of shoe inserts isn’t a bad idea it will rarely correct the actual underlying problem causing a person’s foot condition. Custom made orthotics and over the counter shoe inserts simply act as a band-aid to support the foot and provide a cushioned surface which is okay at times. Sometimes this band-aid approach will provide relief but many times it’s a futile attempt as shoe inserts will often fail to provide the long-term relief that they had promised.

You might ask yourself, “If shoe inserts don’t correct the underlying cause, then what is the solution to really getting to the actual problem that is causing the foot pain”? Is it surgery? Is it injections? Is it medications?

The answer to all of those questions is “no.” Surgery, injections and medications will generally not fix the problem either. In fact, with surgery especially there are numerous risks that you will need to consider. So then what is the solution to actually correct the underlying cause of your foot condition and pain?

Because most foot pain is related to an abnormality in the alignment of the 26 foot bones the best solution will be one that directly address and corrects the foot bone misalignments. The best solution to improving the healthy alignment of the foot bones is accomplished using a specific joint manipulation procedure by a trained expert. We do this, and we are far superior to other conservative treatments.

We give you gentle adjustments to the 26 bones of the foot. Many people are familiar with chiropractic care as it relates to the spine, however, the idea of having your foot adjusted is a whole new concept to most.

With standard chiropractic practices a chiropractor will improve a patient’s back pain condition by administering a gentle, specific adjustment to a misaligned vertebra. We provide OUR foot pain patients with a gentle, specific adjustment to the misaligned foot bones thus providing YOU, the patient with what they want. Relief. We actually improve the alignment of the foot bones and this is truly getting to the root cause of the problem. Call the office now to schedule your foot pain consultation and examination. You won’t be sorry you did.