Ever Happen To You?

Ever had a friend say, “Hey, come here and check this out. Hurry!”

Then you have to say, “I can’t move that fast! I’ll be there in a minute.” You respond, “I’m too old for that!”

Since you’ve become a member of life, and probably been around for awhile , have you caught yourself saying something like that before?


If so, you’re not alone. People typically tend to slow down with age and find movement painful and difficult. If you’re over 40, try doing exactly what you used to do in the same amount of time. It’s harder and I seriously doubt that you can do it.


Going to a PAINManagementCenteris a multi-billion dollar industry in America with the over consumption of (OTC) over the counter medications and prescriptions representing major expenditures made by afflicted patients.


Still, the desire to live with pain-free movement and good quality of life seems to become more difficult with age. However, patients who come to our offices celebrate the joys of pain-free movement and incredible quality in their lives if they’re dedicated to getting pain-free movement back .


So why are chiropractic patients so happy and better able to move? It’s complicated if I were to go into a long explanation, but there is a simple answer. The nervous system is the “master” system of the body and regulates all—yes ALL—functions including movement and healing. Adjustments regulate and balance your nerves keeping you healthier and moving better. But is there research to support our patients’ experiences? Is there evidence of improved movement and coordination because of chiropractic care?  YES!


A 2006 study found that people who receive chiropractic care could expect to realize an almost 10 percent improvement in body movement. Published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), the study tested the ability of subjects to perform a series of movement tasks on a computer with a mouse, prior to receiving an adjustment and then after having one. The study followed a control group who did not receive chiropractic as well.


The average time of improvement found in the group receiving chiropractic care was 183 milliseconds, while the control group had a meager 29-millisecond change. The difference for the chiropractic patients was nearly five times faster and represented a 9.2 percent improvement versus only a 1.7 percent improvement in the control group. These significant results support the reported successes so many of our patients joyfully share, so if you want to move freely with less pain, make sure you’re adjusted regularly. It does make a difference in how you move.