Facebook Funnies


– Google is now developing a Facebook rival, a product similar to Facebook. They say their goal is: so you never have to see your friends in real life ever again.

– Hey, did you hear this yesterday? Computer hackers managed to shut down Twitter and my favorite, Facebook, for several hours. In a related story yesterday, worker productivity jumped by 159%.

– A new report found that Facebook has created more than 450,000 jobs. Unfortunately, photos posted on Facebook have ended 550,000 jobs.

– Facebook has passed one Billion members. If Facebook was a country, it would be the third-largest country on earth … and by far the least productive.

– The two biggest websites right now are Wikipedia, where you go to learn about things you care about, and Facebook, where you go to learn about people you stopped caring about years ago.

– There’s a new Facebook app that will post a final status update for you after you die. That’s ridiculous. I don’t need someone to change my status when I die. I need them to water my Farmville crops.