FREE “Pop In for an August Check Up”


“Pop In for an August Check Up

Schedule Your Friend or a Loved One For Their

FREE August HEALTH Check Up-NOW!

(all ages accepted, don’t be the only one left out, so call the office immediately!)

Give this certificate to your FRIENDS & LOVED ONES during the month of August and they’ll receive a FREE Health Evaluation at our office. We care about you and your loved ones and we don’t want to forget anyone, including the little ones. If you have a friend or family member that is currently “not” under our care, please take this certificate to them and have them call immediately. It’s FREE.

There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES and the purpose of this check up is to determine if they are a chiropractic candidate. As always, there are no guarantees we can help, but if we can, we want that chance. There is nothing more important than your HEALTH. If you need additional copies of this certificate, please call the office and we’ll send them to you-FIRST CLASS, or you can just pick them up at the front desk, on your next appointment. Just ask! You, your family members and your friends are always a top priority with us.


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<<<<<< CERTIFICATE EXPIRES  August 31st  >>>>>>