Friendly squid


      I am giving you this cartoon today to get your attention. I hope you’re smiling and enjoying the cartoon because smiling and having a good time is important.


All joking aside though.


We care about you as a patient. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be as busy as we are right now. People in this area know, once they’ve been here that we care.


MISCONCEPTION: A lot of people think chiropractic is just popping a joint. Well that’s totally wrong.


Chiropractic helps you stay healthy, fit, and alert. It removes things called subluxation. I know that everyone that comes to this office, feels different, once they’re adjusted. That makes me feel good myself.


Q: What about my age? Great question! It doesn’t really matter if you’re one year old, or 96 years old, you need to stay adjusted so you can adapt to the world around you.


Let me know if you need any help with your health at anytime, and please don’t forget, we’re never too busy to help your family or friends. Just have them call us and we’ll get them scheduled.