From The Trenches

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I was unable to walk for longer periods of time, nor was I able to sit on the floor or even bend over to tie my shoelaces. Dr Michael’s care has helped me become more active and I am now able to exercise without pain.     – Maureen


I was experiencing back pains and it was making me tired, affecting my moods and my productivity at work. If it had gotten worst, it would have been harder to play with the kids as well. Since seeing Dr Michael, my overall health has been better. I have more energy at work as stress related pains are also decreasing. It is also easier to play with and carry my kids now.     – Raz

I found the Dr Michael professional and caring and genuinely interested in my well being. After the first visit I noticed some pain relief, but it wasn’t until the third visit I know it was working well. It has changed my life for the better; I have learnt to look after my body and regular visits are a must.     – Paul


I have had continuous low back pain for the past 1 year now. If it had gotten worst, my lifestyle would have been very difficult to maintain. It would have been very uncomfortable and uneasy all the time. I have seen good changes to my health and I am happy with the improvements I have experienced.     – Azm

I was seeking Chiropractic care for my very bad back pain.If it had gotten worst, I would not have been able to travel for my job as well as participate in a lot of daily activities.I have seen big improvements in my back pains and I can now wake up from bed with ease.     -Melvin


I first contacted Dr Michael Chan for treatment of a lower back problem which had plagued me for around 10 years after hearing about him from other friends. I had received treatment from other Chiropractors and Massage Therapists previously which had only given temporary relief to this complaint and the symptoms soon reoccurred. I found the treatment from Dr Michael achieved permanent results and has resulted in long term improvement in my condition.     – Garry


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