Health Secret

Did you know that every single part of your body is connected to your brain by a nerve?  If not, it would be dead.  In fact, the nervous system is so important that your body wants to protect it, so it puts a hard shell around the brain called the skull (I’ve been told that mine is pretty thick!) and a series of bones housing the spinal cord and nerves, called vertebrae.

When the nerves function normally, they produce constant communication between the brain and the body.  That’s called health, or “ease.”

When the communication between the brain and the body is disturbed, it is called “dis-ease.”

It’s great to be a human, but it brings with it whole set of unique problems.  Because we spend most of our time in an upright, or vertical position (unlike horses, dogs, cats, etc.) we are subjected to more compression forces on our spines.

This makes us susceptible to getting misalignments of the vertebrae, called “subluxation.”  Subluxations are bones out of alignment that irritate nerves, thus causing dis-ease.

Chiropractors are skilled in detecting and removing subluxations, thus relieving nerve dysfunction and restoring health.