How early should children be adjusted?

How early should children be adjusted?


     HAVE YOU EVER… asked yourself these questions about chiropractic and your children:


Is it safe? 

Aren’t their bones still soft?

Why do they need adjustments?

What if they cry?

How can we afford it?


All of these questions and more go through the minds of parents who are considering chiropractic care for their kids.  Some parents are hesitant about getting their children adjusted even though they are under care themselves.


Our kids are so special to us that sometimes, in an effort to protect them, we become overprotective and deprive them of necessary and valuable experiences. If chiropractic care is necessary to your good health and for reaching your full potential in life as an adult, then it logically follows that it is even more necessary for a child!


After all, they have nerve systems that control and coordinate all of their body functions just as you do.  And, just like you, they can get subluxations that will interfere with the full outward expression of their Life force. The only difference is that they still have an entire lifetime ahead of them in which to manifest the results of what they do today.


It’s Never Too Soon


Subluxations and misalignments can occur at any time.  The first one may very well have occurred at your baby’s birth.  That is why parents who understand the importance of being subluxation-free have their newborns examined by their chiropractor as soon after birth as possible. By correcting subluxations at an early age, the damage that inevitably comes from functioning at less than optimal levels can be prevented.  The longer a subluxation is present, the greater the damage.  In addition, the longer a subluxation is present, the longer your child’s body will continue to “reproduce itself” (i.e., grow) in the wrong way!


“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree!”


      Some people who come into my office for the first time as adults would have had far greater potential for regaining their health if they had received regular chiropractic care as children.


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