How Often Do You Celebrate This?

 I love babies. They’re very precious and they can make anyone smile. But let’s change gears for a minute. What I’m going to tell you today in this little handout is something you already know, but you may have forgotten about.


You know that your body performs trillions of tasks each and every day, without any conscious input from you. It’s automatic. Babies do it, and seniors do it, so it’s not something new.  I mean you’re not sitting around your house, or driving the car and monitoring your blood pressure, or your heart beat, or even how many times you’re blinking your eyes. It’s just automatic. And it’s a good thing it is automatic. Can you image trying to monitor a baby’s heart rate, or bowel movements the first five years of their life? No way right?


Well one thing that is automatic for everyone, including baby’s is replacing old cells with new ones. Again you don’t sit around and think about how many cells you need to replace or when. Again, this process is all automatic.


I’ve said this before, but I’m going to have to tell you again. You get a new stomach lining every 5 days, which is phenomenal, you get new skin every 28 days and some of us need it, you get a new liver every 6 weeks–so your body is in a state of constant state of renewal, and therefore there are a lot of things going on that you don’t even know about.


In the course of every hour, your body produces one trillion new cells. That’s a lot of cells. This ongoing process allows your body to repair itself, constructing a whole new you fairly often. This is when the power of chiropractic care is magnified. What do I mean?


Your body looks to its current “pattern” and “structure” to guide the placement of new cells. So what does all of this have to do with your adjustments? Well that’s simple. Regular chiropractic care helps reduce unhealthy structures. As new cells replace old cells (and remember this is happening right now) they do so using the healthier pattern that is programmed into your brain and nervous system. This is the nature of healing and why I stress keeping your spine aligned and free of interference. We are here to work with your body to achieve the best possible YOU! So celebrate the fact that you’re adjusted and that your body is functioning better. It really is something you should celebrate.