Learn How To Give Lip Service To Your Allergies!


Here’s something to think about.  Spend a little time with your significant other to help clear our sinuses.  Kissing may reduce allergic reactions and help fight infection. This is not my study, but I think it’s worth considering. In a recent Japanese study, researchers measured blood levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE), an antibody that can start an allergic reaction.

They checked people with pollen, dust-mite, and latex allergies before and after the participants kissed someone for 30 minutes. Women yearn for more kissing than guys. So guys, be good to them. I’m not Dr. Phil, but it’s something to consider.

At the end of the make-out session, the study subjects’ levels of IgE had dropped 40 percent. Researchers think that kissing reduces the allergic response by increasing the production of Th1cytokines, “white blood cells” that have been shown to halt and stop IgE production.

To make the most of a lip-lock, turn on soft music; the participants were serenaded throughout the study, which has previously been shown to IMPROVE immune function. It’s my observation that women love good music and good kissing. That’s why it’s so important to be a good kisser and do it regularly.


More About Your “Stress Cycle” !


More than 43 percent of men will experience the physical side effects of stress in their lifetimes, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and back pain. But a solution might be right under your nose, and more fun than you think. Check the list below to see what’s making your tension level rise, then choose a release valve.



An overbearing boss               +110%             Being happily married                         -55%

Drinking coffee                       +32%               Listening to your favorite music         -18%

A tight deadline                      +45%               Running on a treadmill                       -17%

Your commute                        +80%               Meditating                                          -44%

Late nights at the office          +270%             Watching a comedy                            -98%