Medical Study PROVES: “Nerve Pressure LEADS To DISEASED ORGANS!!!”

This is something I think you’ll want to read.


If you have any children, grandchildren, or even just friends, you need to read this handout. I’m not sure I’ve told you this or not, but it’s important enough that it bears repeating.


This is a factual study that explains in simple terms – why your spinal care at this office is so important.

At the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Dr. Henry Windsor, an M.D. on autopsy of over 150 people demonstrated that diseased organs were the result of spinal nerve pressure in over 95% of diseased organs located.


This included the heart, lungs, kidneys, intestines, etc.


Dr. Windsor proved by tracing the nerves from the diseased organs he located on autopsy back to the spine. He found that spinal stress areas (spinal bones out of place pinching nerves which we call subluxations) were present 95% of the time.


What that means to you is this.


If you have any nerve pressure in your spine, anywhere, whatever organ those nerves (innervate) connect to – will become diseased – if left unchecked. My advice to you is to get checked today.


Nerve pressure is slight in some cases, but that slight pressure reduces the efficiency of that impinged/pinched nerve by 60%, and that is with just the weight of a quarter. If you’re not getting your spine checked regularly, and working at restoring motion in your spine, you’re asking for major trouble which can mean diseased organs. Don’t Wait.


Call today to set up your first/next appointment.  And tell a friend who isn’t getting checked as well.