Muscle tension and pain relief with the Vibracussor

The VibraCussor is a vibration instrument that differs from usual massagers in that it uses a piston-like up-and-down movement rather than a back-and-forth movement. It creates comfortable waves of compression that travel through the tissues to the affected muscles and fascia, allowing the instrument to release fascial adhesions, relax tense muscles and increase circulation and lymph flow. 

The VibraCussor is very effective in treating myofascial trigger points, frozen shoulder, TMJ (jaw) problems, joint fixation (particularly of the shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and foot), muscle fatigue and fascial adhesions. With VibraCussor treatment, nervous system tension is released, muscle spasms are reduced and lymph and blood circulation are encouraged. This helps to reduce musculoskeletal pain and allows the patient to reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication, in addition to increasing their range of movement.

Long term usage

VibraCussor therapy is great for the long run. Using it to keep your body’s functions working efficiently keeps you active longer and feeling good. Patients that have undergone VibraCussor therapy report having positive emotional changes, which in return, prevents stress from overtaking the body and tightening it back up. Heart rhythms, breathing, and your nervous system all work more effectively, allowing your body to heal itself quicker, and more proactively. You’ll find that you get sick less often as your immune system will function better and allow you to fight off diseases before they take you down.

This device is becoming a great addition to healthy living. When used with technique, it works deep within your body’s tissues, working them loose to allow for healthy circulation of blood, nervous, and lymph systems.