Neck pain got you down?

Neck pain can stem from an endless list of causes. For example, you might sleep in the wrong position, and wake up with a cramp in your neck; you might be involved in an auto accident, and experience discomfort characteristic of whiplash; or you may go dancing with friends, and experience a spasm that causes pain if you move a certain way.


These and many other circumstances can lead to neck-related pain. Most of us will experience it sometime during our lives, though it will present in different ways.


     The most common approach most people take to address the issue is to simply ignore the discomfort. It eventually dissipates to the point at which motion becomes less painful – doesn’t it? Not always, and even it if does, you should have it checked.


 Unfortunately, if you wait, and the pain goes away, this fails to resolve the most common underlying problems: spinal misalignments and joint restrictions. Without addressing these root causes, the stage is set for a recurrence of pain in the future.


At this office we diagnose the catalysts of neck pain. You’ll discover there’s little need to wait for the pain to disappear on its own; chiropractic care at this office offers quicker and longer-lasting relief.


Cervical discomfort is usually related to vertebral subluxations, joint restrictions, and taut muscles that have accumulated tension for myriad reasons. The aches and soreness may be due to strains, sprains, or injuries suffered in the past, which have then steadily worsened over time. Chronic pain can also be caused by degenerative diseases that affect the joints, and restrict their motion. Call now for an appointment. Don’t wait for your pain to just go away!