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Humans are interesting creatures. We tend to spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money maintaining many things in our lives OTHER than OUR health. It’s interesting how many people come to our office only AFTER breaking down and then choose not to maintain what they just spent all that time and energy getting fixed.
In today's tech-heavy world, there are a number of activities putting significant stress on our wrists and arms. Texting, typing, and surfing the web have taken a toll on our bodies as an increasing number of people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, new research confirms the efficacy of chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.
Have you ever had poor cell phone reception? You know reception so bad that your phone is basically worthless to you and you can’t communicate or call out?
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Jaw or temporomandibular joint pain is common after an auto injury, even when there is no direct trauma to the jaw. The condition can be confusing to health-care providers, since oftentimes the jaw symptoms don't appear immediately after the injury, sometimes developing weeks or even months later.
People born in a year of the Monkey are witty, intelligent, and have a magnetic personality. Personality traits, like mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness, make them very naughty. Monkeys are masters of practical jokes, because they like playing most of the time. Though they don't have any bad intentions, their pranks sometimes hurt the feelings of others.