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How Often Do You Celebrate This?

 I love babies. They’re very precious and they can make anyone smile. But let’s change gears for a minute. What I’m going to tell you today in this little handout is something you already know, but you may have forgotten about.   You know that your body performs trillions of […]

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Why Call Anyone?

   You wouldn’t ask the fire department to run over and ‘blow out’ a candle you had burning on your kitchen table, would you? You wouldn’t call an electrician and pay him $75 to change a light bulb that just burned out in your bathroom would you?   Those are […]

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What you need to know about sciatica

 I am not sure if you’re back has ever hurt, but if it has or it does currently, you need to read this. The term “sciatica” describes the symptoms of leg pain and possibly tingling, numbness or weakness that usually originates in your lower back and travels down through your […]

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Work without stress

  Stress is tough on you. When you learn to reduce your work stress, your overall stress decreases as well!   We spend most of our waking hours doing this thing we call “work” so that we can provide for our families.   Unfortunately, for far too many people, work […]

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Trouble breathing?

If you’ve ever had trouble breathing, if you have any friends or family with asthma, you’ll want to read this article. A recent report by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation confirms that there is a link between chiropractic and the reduction of asthma symptoms. According to aMacquarieUniversityresearcher, the study involved […]

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Could You Have “Text Neck” ?

Could You Have “Text Neck” ? Move over, “BlackBerry Thumb”. There’s a new tech-induced health hazard in town — “text neck” or “iNeck pain”. A term coined by U.S. chiropractor Dr. Dean L. Fishman, “text neck” refers to an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury, where you have your […]

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