Save your knees & Wrists

Save Your Knees


A Canadian study found that 81% of joint replacement patients were classified as overweight or obese. But most knee problems can be avoided:


Lose Weight. Carrying around extra fat puts extra wear and tear on your joints, impairing function.


Strengthen Leg Muscles. Something as simple and inexpensive as walking or climbing stairs can do wonders to strengthen your knees.


Wear Supportive Shoes. When properly fitted, shoe orthotics help support the arches of your feet, giving your entire body a more stable platform.



All In the Wrist?


Do you have pain in your wrist? If you do thatmeans there’s a problem in your wrist.


Double Crush: Double Crush occurs when nerves going to or from YOUR wrist are ‘pressured’ in the carpal tunnel and the spine, shoulder, neck or elbow. Resolving carpal tunnel problems requires looking beyondthe wrist.


The Tunnel: The 8 small bones of your wrist are called carpals. They form a “tunnel” for the nerves and tendons that control your fingers to pass through. If any of the bones forming this tunnel loses its proper alignment, nerve pressure, inflammation and pain will result.


Chiropractic Can Help: In carpal tunnel cases, chiropractic adjustments produce excellent results. If you have wrist pain, call the office for a simple test. If the findings suggest further evaluation, we’ll discuss these with you fully. You won’t be sorry.