‘Slow Down Aging’ by… Cooking with ‘This Juice!’
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Whatever you put in your pan for dinner tonight, make sure you add a few squeezes of lemon juice. Why? You’ll be surprised.


Here’s what I just discovered. A new study shows that marinating meats in lemon juice — or apple cider vinegar — can help greatly reduce the production of harmful compounds linked to AGING and CHRONIC DISEASE. Yeah I like the sound of this, don’t you?


Cooking Compounds and AGE’s


All foods — but especially ones derived from animals — contain varying levels of compounds called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs).


These compounds are known to cause “inflammation” and may open the door to “faster aging”. Inflammation is BAD and it’s something you want to eliminate as much as possible from your life.


Cooking — especially high-heat methods — increases formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products), so just remember that when you’re cooking.


But new research suggests that marinating foods in an acidic, low-pH liquid — like “lemon juice or vinegar” — may help slow that formation down significantly of things that cause you to age faster. AGE’s in beef were cut in half after marinating the meats for an hour — but shorter amounts of time may help these things as well. If I were you I’d try and marinate everything I’m cooking with lemon juice and see what happens.


How A.G.E.’s Affect You and Your Face!


Meats and full-fat cheeses contain the most AGEs, followed by pork, fish, and eggs — although even fruit, vegetables, and whole grains may contain small amounts. Now I love eggs and they are good for you in my opinion, along with raw veggies and fruits.


Here’s the thing. Marinating your food is one way to minimize AGEs. Another option: Cook over low, moist heat. Boiling, poaching, steaming, and stewing are ALL great choices if you have the time and can do this at least three or four times a week.