The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle: E

The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle

Print this out. Bookmark it. Send it to friends who don’t quite get the Primal thing. Consider this a valuable resource for all-things Primal.
It’s a nice, alphabetical encapsulation of what it means to lead a Primal lifestyle. It’s not everything, of course.
You can always dig deeper into the details, but this summary gives a high-level look at just about everything.

Without further ado, I present The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle.

Expose yourself to stressors. If chronic stress is a historically unprecedented physiological insult that impairs our immune, mental, and physical health, acute stressors train our body to rise up to meet stress and grow stronger. Almost anything can be quantified in terms of stress. Exercise is a stressor. Too much exercise without adequate rest is a chronic stressor, but the right dose of exercise famously increases strength, builds muscle, and improves fitness. Other stressors include anything that takes you out of your comfort zone, that displaces your sense of homeostasis. Cold water (take the plunge), cold weather, learning a new skill from scratch.