The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle: T

The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle: T

Print this out. Bookmark it. Send it to friends who don’t quite get the Primal thing.
Consider this a valuable resource for all-things Primal.
It’s a nice, alphabetical encapsulation of what it means to lead a Primal lifestyle.
It’s not everything, of course. You can always dig deeper into the details,
but this summary gives a high-level look at just about everything.

Without further ado, I present The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle.

Take it easy. It’s a misconception that hunter-gatherers work harder than anyone else. Experts who have studied modern hunter-gatherer societies estimate that most members of these communities spend about 3-5 hours a day “working”. If you want to be like Grok, make sure you get plenty of leisure time.