The Worst Symptom of All
Your Health is your Most Important ASSET. Take IT seriously. We Do!

Headaches, chest pains, runny nose, back pain, sore throat, numbness, neck pain, …

 These are all symptoms that I believe it’s safe to say we don’t like! No one likes to have a symptom but there is 1 symptom that is far and away the most dangerous and it is something you must be aware of!

 The worst symptom of all is NO symptoms!

 That’s right, when you think about the things that kill the most people – they have little to no symptoms. Cancer for instance has to have been growing for well over a decade before it begins to manifest a symptom and even then there may be none.

 Over 85% of the time the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack! Too late!

 Most people think if they are symptom free they are healthy but I want you to know that that’s not the truth. That’s like saying that as long as your low fuel light isn’t on that your tank is totally full. NOT true!

 Don’t judge how healthy you are by how you feel!