Thoughts & Ends

‘Oh don’t worry bout the side effects
We can give u something else for it..’

On pharmaceuticals:
Ask not what the ‘side effects’ are
Ask what those ‘effects’ are
For they are all ‘effects’
Ask then
Would I want those ‘effects’

Why do I care so much about what & how u eat?
Your body’s making cells with what u put inside u…how can u…how can the conventional medicos say food’s got nothing to do with your pains & dysfunctions?

In medicine, ‘normal’ means ‘average’ or ‘typical’. When your GP says you are normal..he’s not saying you are healthy…it just means you are average.
There’s still work to be done if u want to thrive, not just survive.

Orthopedic issues are manifestations of chronic diseases.
We should be preventing, not just pain-treating.
How many people would avoid surgeries or injections (or even drugs) if it was only prescribed on the condition they change their nutritional and movement lifestyles..


The way ‘western’ medicine works is that there’s one pill for every ill. They gave u a drug and send u away.
That is so reductionist that it is impossible to find the root cause and diagnose then treat functionally.