Three Ways to Improve Your Daily Posture


Of all of the things you hear these days about health and what you can do to stay healthy and feel better, posture may be the single most underrated topic of conversation. Obviously diet is extremely important, as is getting enough exercise and cutting down on bad habits that aren’t good for us. But bad posture is a very sneaky problem that can lead to a long list of health issues.


It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Along with the brain, the spine makes up the central nervous system of the human body. Imagine all of the ailments and illnesses that can come about when the spine is constantly and habitually out of alignment. Poor posture not only affects our physical appearance, but arguably can affect virtually every aspect of our health, from the function of our various internal organs to our skin tone, energy levels, and even quality of sleep.


Chiropractic is a widely proven method for correcting spinal imbalances and postural defects that have formed over the course of months and years. This type of treatment is especially relevant today when so many people spend 8+ hours every day seated in front of a computer screen. It’s difficult to be conscious of your posture all day every day, and the vast majority of full-time office workers will develop health issues related to poor posture at some point in their career, even if the symptoms are not major.


But even if you have a successful chiropractic treatment, your spinal issues will return unless you make changes to your daily habits. Here are five ways to improve your posture right now.


  1. Make your workstation ergonomic – If people simply took the trouble to learn about workplace ergonomics and adjust their workstations accordingly, it would be much easier to maintain good posture throughout the day. Upgrading your chair is a good move. Fitting your chair with an ergonomic lower back support device can make a difference. Adjusting the height of your screen and position of your keyboard is a must. Even getting a better prescription for your eyeglasses can prevent straining and improve your posture.


  1. Take regular breaks to walk around and stretch – It’s easy to get sucked into various tasks and stay seated for hours at a time, but this constant pressure on the spine isn’t healthy. Take regular breaks (at least hourly) to get up, stretch, walk around, and even do some light exercises. This will relieve the pressure on your spine, improve circulation, and help you avoid falling into bad posture habits.


  1. Be conscious about your posture – Simply being more conscious about your posture can make a huge difference. Make an effort not to slouch or strain, and try to hold your back straight when sitting. This will take some practice, but eventually you can “train” yourself to have better posture without even trying.

Getting the relief you need


Good posture is about maintaining optimum health and getting relief from the various illnesses and ailments that come about as a result of too much slouching, straining, and unnatural twisting of the spine for long periods of time. Often times, there are imbalances that have developed as a result of bad habits, and these imbalances may require professional help to restore full functionality and set you on the right path to excellent posture and better health. This is where the expertise and care of a fully qualified, reputable chiropractic specialist can make a big difference.