Two Things You Might Have Thought About

There are two things that most patients think about when they go to a Chiropractors office. First off, a lot of people think Chiropractors are ‘strictly’ back pain specialists.


It’s nice to know that people think we’re specialists, but when you really get down to brass tacks, we are.


While a Doctor of Chiropractic like me can help you with your back pain, relieving back pain is not my foundational purpose. So what is it then Doctor? Well that’s simple.

As a licensed chiropractor I help improve your body’s ability to heal itself by addressing the health of your nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord.


A healthy nervous system helps other systems of your body function to their optimal level. Put a pinch in the cord (nerves) and things stop working correctly.


An optimal level of health is accomplished by allowing me to adjust your spine the non invasive way. Think of it like this. If something is stuck, that’s BAD. If you have a lack of movement, you have an issue, and there are a lot of people walking around right now, who need to get more movement into their spines. Good adjustments = better alignment = more normal movement with not stuck joints = better health.


Secondly, most people think if they don’t have pain, they don’t need to see a chiropractor. They think if there’s ‘no’ pain, or hurting, they’re perfectly fine.


Just because a person doesn’t have any pain isn’t a sign that their body doesn’t have a subluxation (a misalignment in their spine causing pressure on the delicate nerves). This is like telling someone that just because they don’t have pain in their mouths, they don’t and can’t have any tooth decay or cavities going on.


If someone you know can benefit from natural chiropractic care, give them this flyer and have them call me personally. I want to help. Please don’t wait.