UltraStream vs Ionizers

UltraStream versus Electronic Ionizers

• Removes more harmful contaminants with the world’s best NSF (USA’s highest water filter certification) approved ingredients

• Uses the best coconut based carbon available in the world which has a much longer life, far higher surface area and much better contaminant removal capability

• Adds more antioxidants and alkaline minerals

• ORP is consistently higher at the same pH setting and has the added benefit of staying ionized for much longer (See our test)

• Creates softer water with longer lasting beneficial characteristics due to the use of crystal quartz, tourmaline and ceramic magnets

• Housing is easier to keep clean (Doesn’t create a haven for cockroaches)

• 66% more water efficient (No waste water)

• Doesn’t create acid water

• Easier to install

• Costs much less

• Removes more fluoride

• Filter replacement is easier

• Will alkalize and ionize mineral deficient water and rainwater without adding salt

• A bigger filter which lasts up to 1 year based on consumption of 2 litres a day each for a family of 4.
The filter was tested by an independent
 University Laboratory and was shown to perform consistently for the complete 1 year lifespan

• Higher quality production from a U.S. NSF and WQA inspected factory which supports a 3 year warranty