uring a recent family gathering, a close relative revealed that her child’s six-month checkup would be later in the week. “The part I hate are the vaccinations,” she confessed. You can hear the resignation, uncertainty and guilt in her confession.

“Well then don’t vaccinate,” I volunteered. “But we have to.” And there you have it. Family members deceived by cultural pressure, and the notion of expediency of “going-along-to-get-along.”

I want you to ask you some questions today.

1. How do vaccines work?

2. How do you explain why most children who get the measles, chicken pox and the rest have been vaccinated?

3. How do you explain that when there is an outbreak of measles that children who have been vaccinated don’t seem to be any more resistant than those who haven’t been vaccinated?

4. If vaccinations are so effective, why would the vaccinated be afraid of the unvaccinated?

5. Are you aware of other explanations for why certain diseases have diminished in spite of vaccinations?

6. If vaccinations are so safe and effective, why would vaccine producers so aggressively petition the Government to make themselves immune from lawsuits resulting from the negative side effects of vaccinations?

Turns out that the immunity granted by the Govenrment is far more effective than the immunity produced by breaking through the skin and injecting our youngest, most vulnerable, with a mercury-laden cocktail of aluminum, chicken egg yolk, cow’s blood, monkey DNA and the rest.

Vaccination is a modern-day, just-for-luck, rabbit’s foot.

   Step back far enough and among vaccination believers there are two fundamental issues at play: a profound mistrust of the human body and it being able to heal itself and the spirit of fear. Which is not surprising if you think we are merely the result of a chance lightening strike on some primordial pond scum. Believe that, and injecting our children with some human engineered concoction and it might seem necessary; even honorable. But what if instead, we are the result of a grand designer?

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