Want Natural Relief From your Neck & Back Pain Without Any Twisting Or Cracking?

A Thing Of The Past For Subang Jaya Resident Rachel Chew… All Without Taking Drugs, Having Risky Surgery, Or Getting Her Neck/Back “Twisted” & “Cracked”! 

PJ, Selangor – “When Rachel Chew, first came to see us, she had been experiencing neck and shoulder pain, as well as low back pain for about 10 years.

While she had received good results from going to numerous chiropractors, she did admit that, “these treatments are a lot less painful than other types of treatments I have received in the past. I like the fact that there is no twisting or popping, plus you can adjust the pressure so that no pain is experienced. Dr. Mike is so friendly and easy to get along with, and I always feel much better after receiving a treatment.”

Rachel Chew is just one of many of your neighbors that has received relief from this unique type of treatment. Just look at the bottom of this page and you’ll see about a dozen of them.

An increasingly number of neck and back pain sufferers in Petaling Jaya are becoming sick and tired of some of the typical treatments that do nothing more than cover up the pain, and do absolutely nothing for the cause of the problem.

If you are suffering from neck and/or back pain, have become frustrated with taking pain pills or cortisone shots, and don’t even want to think twice about receiving surgery (assuming it’s even an option), then taking the next five minutes to read this information could be the most valuable time you’ve spent all year.

Your Neck And Back Pain Could Be A Thing Of The Past

 You see, many people think that neck and back pain is something they just have to live with. And while in some cases there is no permanent cure for neck and back pain, there is a fairly new treatment method that has been helping hundreds of your neighbors receive long-lasting relief from their pain and suffering.

Best of all, this treatment method is all-natural, as it does not involve taking any medication, injections, and is even FDA approved. It’s unusual for the FDA to approve anything natural…for proof simply look at all of the natural supplements on the market today, and you’ll notice that most of them aren’t approved by them.

At this point you’re probably wondering what exactly is this treatment? The treatment device is called the Arthrostim, and while it is performed by a chiropractor, it does not involve any of the traditional “hands-on” treatment given by most doctors of chiropractic. This isn’t to suggest that the so-called “twisting” and “popping” that most people think about when mentioning a chiropractor is unsafe.

In fact, not only are the traditional chiropractic treatments that involve using the hands safe, but if you are currently going to a chiropractor and are receiving great results, then I highly recommend staying with them. This unique treatment method is designed for…

Those People Who Want Natural Relief From Their Neck & Back Pain Without Any Twisting Or Cracking Of The Spine!

 If your neck and/or back pain problem is fairly recent, then perhaps you will want to go to your family doctor just to make sure it’s not just a muscle strain or something that simply requires some ice and rest.

However, if you have had your pain for at least a few weeks, then this is a good indication that it is more than just a simple strain or pulled muscle. If this describes you, then it might not be a bad idea to check out this safe and gentle treatment procedure.

So how exactly does the Arthrostim work? Well, after finding out the nature of your pain, and assuming you are a candidate to receive treatment in our office, the Arthrostim simply delivers multiple tapping sensations (and no, it doesn’t involve any shocks) to your neck and back.

Some people describe it as a “mini-massage”, although it is much more than this. While it does help to relax the muscles of the spine, it also increases the movement of any “locked-up” or restricted joints, which is very common in cases of chronic neck and back pain.

This abnormal muscle and joint tension could in turn irritate the nerves in your neck and back, which of course  contributes to any pain you are experiencing. So in summary, the Arthrostim helps to reduce or in some cases even eliminate the muscle and joint tension so your muscles are relaxed, the nerves in the neck and back aren’t being irritated or pinched, and your pain is a thing of the past.

And it does all this in an extremely safe and gentle manner. Believe it or not, many people find it relaxing, and I don’t know how many times our practice members have told me, “Boy, I wish I could take that device home with me!” I’m sure at this point you probably have a couple of questions about this device. Let’s go over some of the most common ones:

“How Many Treatments Will It Take Before I Begin Seeing Results?”

This obviously depends on the  individual, as each case of neck and back pain is unique. As you’ll notice by reading the testimonials listed below, there have been some people who had chronic pain for over 20 years that began experiencing relief after only a few treatments.

On the other hand, some neck and back pain sufferers have been in pain for a few months, but have taken a few weeks to begin seeing results. So everybody is treated on an individual basis, and all I could say is that if I honestly feel I could help you, then I’ll try my best to get you out of pain as fast as your body will let me.

“How Will You Determine If I’m A Candidate For This Treatment Method?”

Upon coming into my office, and after being greeted by a friendly staff person, you will be asked to fill out a brief case history form. Then you will speak with me face to face, and we’ll spend a few minutes going over your health history to make sure there isn’t anything that stands out that tells me you shouldn’t be receiving this treatment. Assuming everything checks out well, you will then go through the evaluation process, which includes a gentle analysis of your neck and back, some range of motion tests, and a few orthopedic tests.

We will then need some time to look over your findings to make sure you indeed are a candidate for care. Therefore we will schedule you for a report of findings on a separate day, and when you come back we’ll sit down and I’ll discuss your findings with you. The whole purpose behind the report of findings is to make sure you can benefit from treatment in our office.

“How About If You Can’t Help Me?”

If for any reason I don’t think you’re a candidate to receive treatment in my office, then of course we will try to refer  you to the appropriate healthcare specialist.

“Can I Afford The Treatment If I Don’t Have Any Health Insurance?”

 Although we do accept health  insurance, it is no secret that insurance is getting worse and worse these days, and as a result we have many people with no chiropractic benefits that could afford to receive treatment in our office.

“Can This Treatment Help With Other Conditions Besides Neck & Back Pain?”

While the Arthrostim has helped many  people with neck and back pain, it also has helped with other conditions as well. It has also helped some people with sciatica, hip pain, chronic headaches, shoulder pain, as well as some other conditions.

Of course not every condition can be helped via this treatment. Even some people with neck and back pain need to be referred to another specialist from time to time. However, due to the gentle nature of the device and the fact that it’s non-invasive means you have very little to risk by trying it out.

“How Much Does It Cost To Find Out If I’m A Candidate To Receive Treatment?”

Normally it would cost RM289 to receive the full evaluation, but to celebrate the clinic’s birthday we are offering a complete Neck and Back Pain Evaluation for only RM79 (for a limited time). This  thorough evaluation will determine if you are a candidate to receive the Arthrostim  treatments, and will include:


  • A Health History and Consultation with the doctor – This is where you’ll sit down and discuss your past history with the doctor to make sure there are no contraindications for receiving care in our office.
  • A Complete 10-Point Evaluation – This will include everything you need to determine whether you are a candidate for care.
  • A Report of Findings – This will allow you to sit down with the doctor one-on-one to review your findings. You’ll find out if you’re a candidate for the treatments.


“Is There Anybody Who Shouldn’t Take Advantage Of This Special Offer?”

Actually, there are a few types of people that probably shouldn’t respond to this offer. Obviously if you are not suffering from neck or back pain then you shouldn’t respond. Or even if you are but are happy with your current doctor then it’s probably best to stay with him or her. And if you’re looking for a miracle cure then you are also probably better off not responding.

Listen, my job isn’t to tell you whether or not you should respond. That is a decision only you could make. But ask yourself this…what do you have to lose by trying this out? There are no catches or obligations, so you have absolutely nothing to lose…except your neck and back pain of course. So please call 010-366-2941 now and take the next step to receiving much needed relief from your chronic pain.

Dr Mike, D.C.

P/S: Remember that you have until 30th of this month to receive this complete neck and back pain evaluation for only RM79. You have nothing to lose, except your neck and back pain, so please don’t put this off! Our office, DMClinic of Wellness is located at B-3-8, inside Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya.

Call 010-366 2941 Today!


Read Below For Just A Small Sample Of Our Success Stories


[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last][blockquote_message]Saved From Surgery! When I came to Dr. Mike I couldn’t walk, I had sciatic nerve problems and I was in bad shape. I didn’t think Dr. Mike could help me. But after a couple of weeks my pain went away and I was back to normal again. Thanks to Dr. Mike gentle care I don’t need back surgery because he keeps my back in line.
SY Hoh, Subang[/blockquote_message][/two_third_last]
[divider_hr][one_third][/one_third][two_third_last][blockquote_message]Headaches And Cracking In Jaw Gone! I am a waitress and have had Headaches for ever and now they are gone, I also have had a jaw that cracked for over a year now. Dr. Mike worked on it with the Arthrostim and the cracking in my jaw is completely gone. I feel wonderful. Thanks Dr. Mike!
Wen Xin, Klang[/blockquote_message][/two_third_last]
[divider_hr][one_third][/one_third][two_third_last][blockquote_message]3 ½ Years Of Fibromyalgia Improved By 40% In The First Two Weeks Of Care! I have been coming to Dr. Mike for about a week now. When I came in to see him I had Fibromyalgia really bad, I have had it for 3 ½ years. Within the first week of seeing Dr. Mike I feel at least 40% better, I don’t have so much pain in my neck and shoulders anymore and I am able to get up in the morning and not be stiff and feeling run down as I used to feel. I just feel so much better.
H C, Kuala Lumpur[/blockquote_message][/two_third_last]
[divider_hr][one_third][/one_third][two_third_last][blockquote_message]Able To Play Golf Again! Through years of doing hard labor in construction I damaged my low back, coming to Dr. Mike and getting his chiropractic care has enabled me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I am able to play golf again which I wasn’t able to do before.
PS Kam, Klang[/blockquote_message][/two_third_last]
[divider_hr][blockquote_message]Helped Carpal Tunnel And Headaches Gone! I have been seeing Dr. Mike for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck pain and numbness in my fingers, all my symptoms have improved and my headaches are virtually non-existent, he has helped me tremendously.
Chen, Klang[/blockquote_message]
[divider_hr][blockquote_message]I am 80 years old and I have been seeing Dr. Dr. Mike for about 5 years and he really has done wonders for me, my osteoporosis is under control. I drive my car, take care of my dog and I am very active and do a lot of things and it is because of my better health, thanks to Dr. Mike I can do all those things. I think he is great.
SC Loh, Kuala Lumpur[/blockquote_message]