What can I help?

That’s a great question. I had a patient ask me that the other day and here’s a partial answer.


  I’d tell you more, but I probably won’t have enough room in this handout to tell you so let me just tell you some today, and then I’ll tell you more next week.


As a doctor of chiropractic, I commonly treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries.


Most patients understand that I can help them with their pain, and regular chiropractic care will help prevent MORE pain, further injuries, and may even stop or reverse many conditions that most people never think that an adjustment can help.


Millions of people in Malaysia suffer from back, neck, extremity (arms, legs) and other musculoskeletal pain, which are all effectively relieved by chiropractic care, without the need for medication. Here are just some of the conditions:


Musculoskeletal Conditions

I was trained to identify conditions that can be treated by M.D.’s, if need be.


Common extremity complaints may include