What Causes Arthritis?

If we ask this question to 100 people, what do you think the most common answer would be?  Most of us would probably say “old age”, right?  That’s the most common answer that I get, at least.  Take a look at this x-ray of someone’s knees.

Can you see how the joint space on the left knee looks pretty normal?  Then take a look at the right knee.  Do you see how the joint is almost bone grinding on bone?  The left knee is normal while the right knee is arthritic.  So here’s my question:  If the left knee is normal, the right knee is arthritic, and arthritis is caused by old age, then I have just one question for you.  How old is the left knee?

If arthritis is truly caused by old age, then shouldn’t both knees be worn out at the same rate?  This is a real patient, by the way.  It turns out that her low back and pelvis have been crooked for many years, thus changing the way she distributes her weight when she walks.  When she steps on the bilateral scales, she is a full 15kgs heavier on the right leg.

Let’s think about this.  She places 15kgs extra on the right leg with every single step she takes every day.  If we assume that she is taking the average of about 3,000 steps per day, that equates to an extra 45000KGs OF EXTRA WEIGHT PER DAY on the right knee.   Is it any wonder that the right knee would be wearing out faster than the left knee?

Next question:  What do you think the most common treatment is for arthritis?  Most doctors would prescribe a medication like celebrex or one of the other popular anti-inflammatory drugs.  Other doctors would recommend a knee replacement.  Do you think that either of these procedures would correct the true cause of the problem, which is the misalignment in the low back and pelvis.  Hopefully you answered “No” to this silly question.

Here is my point.  There are a lot of things that go wrong in the body that have little to do with that actual body part.  This is the sole reason that chiropractic is based on the sound and logical principle of keeping the spine in alignment, thus allowing normal biomechanics throughout the rest of the body.  So the next time you see someone popping a pill of any kind, hopefully you’ll be reminded of this article and that recommend that person to get their spine checked!  To your health!