What Causes Subluxations?

Have you or someone you know ever:


Fallen of a swing • Played football • Been in a car accident • Fallen off a bike • Played badminton • Wrestled • Slept in the wrong position • Maintained sustained postures for a long period of time • Lifted improperly • Sat at a computer with your head in a forward posture • Studied in college for hours at a time with your head down • Noticed a short leg • Carried a backpack • Slouched • Done gymnastics • Gotten in a fight • Fallenoutof a tree • Slept on a plane • Played golf • Jumped off a swing • Gotten hit in futsal • Been pregnant • Worked a desk job • Fallen while learning how to walk • Worked construction • Lifted weights • Done aerobics • Gotten spanked • Thrown your backout• Driven across the country • Ran a marathon • Carried a baby • Swept the floor • Slipped in the bathroom • Rock-climbed • Had a concussion or other head injury • Broken and arm or leg • Been stressed • Delivered a baby • Been shopping • Had a low shoulder • Worked as a cashier • Been to the dentist • or just plain been under the influence of gravity?

…and this is just a partial list!  If you have or someone you know has a spine and is still breathing, and has had one of these things happen, then you could have subluxation.(CLICK HERE NOW)

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