What happens inside your body?

What Happens Inside Your Body?

   If you or your child has allergies, you might want to read this. I’ll make it short and sweet.

   When an allergic reaction starts, your body activates some special immune cells called mast cells. On the surface of their membranes, these mast cells possess receptors (things that I call key hole) and that recognize substances considered either harmful or helpful to the body.

   When harmful substances are detected, your cells release histamines.

   These chemicals sensitize and make your body to react, which then attempts to remove harmful substances by sneezing, coughing, etc. 

Why Do People Get Allergies?

   Good question huh? Well let me tell you. No one knows for sure why people become allergic to relatively harmless substances. One theory about allergies suggests that your body is hypersensitive IF you’re a hypersensitive person. For example, if you have a high sensitivity to stress, your body also reflects this sensitivity. Since the body and the mind are connected entities, this theory makes sense.

   Stress reduction techniques designed to improve mind-body interactions are often successful in reducing this problem. The end result is a lessening of allergic symptoms in some patients.

   Another theory is that an allergic reaction is an interpretation of your environment. In order to interpret, your body must first get information. Your nervous system is part of this information-gathering function of the body. Here’s where it gets interesting.

   If your nervous system is dysfunctional, out of alignment, then the information interpreted will be altered, and this makes you vulnerable to abnormal reactions like allergies.

Can Chiropractic Help With Your Allergies?

   Since the beneficial effects of chiropractic adjustments on the nervous system are well documented, and from my viewpoint it’s not surprising many of our chiropractic patients report a reduction of allergy symptoms when treated regularly (once or twice a week) for vertebral subluxations.   

   Misalignment or dysfunctional movements of vertebra can cause a focal irritation in the spine, which then creates an abnormal signal received by your central nervous system.  When this aberrant, irregular signal occurs along the same pathway required for the input of normal environmental messages, the body may not interrupt the information correctly. When this occurs, an allergic reaction can result.

   Although scientific research shows chiropractic adjustments do NOT cause an improvement in all allergy cases, they’re definitely beneficial for most. 

   The reason for the inconsistency may be because there are a number of different causes for a patient’s hypersensitivity, a doctor like me doesn’t follow the patient home and monitor their stress levels, what they eat, what kind of vitamins they take, how much sugar they take in, and how much water they drink. 

   Vertebral subluxation or misalignments in your spine is only one of many potential causes, but nutrition and all of the above do make a difference in how you, your family and friends handle their allergies.

   If you suffer from allergies, consider chiropractic adjustments as one of your potential powerful options.My patients tell me all of the time that they notice less allergies and the associated symptoms while undergoing chiropractic care.

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