What Should You Do?

I remember a long time ago, a patient came to the office that had been in a car accident and they were still somewhat disoriented. It can happen to anyone, at anytime. You might be driving to the grocery store, or just going out to get a quick bite to eat. Then out of nowhere, you get involved in a ‘car’ accident.


Most likely, unless you’re texting, you were not at fault. You probably didn’t even see it coming, or maybe it was just a low-impact affair. Sometimes you’re just sitting at a stop light, in traffic, and BAM, it happens.


Now initially, you might feel fine and you don’t think you need a check-up. Or maybe you went to the hospital following the accident, and were told everything seemed okay, and to just go home, get a heating pad and some aspirin and call it a bad day.


Well it’s really not that simple. Research shows that occupants can sustain whiplash or considerably more serious neck injuries than you might think after a simple crash with even minor damage like a broken taillight.


So, who can check to make sure your body is recovering and not damaged? We can. As a chiropractor I’m trained in detecting and correcting soft tissue injuries, rehabilitation strategies and spinal biomechanics.


I’ll give you a comprehensive full-body examination to make sure you get the attention needed to bring you back to optimal health. To simplify your care, we also work with lawyers and insurance companies if that need arises in the future. The important thing to take away today is, if you’re in any type of accident, give us a call at the office immediately!