What’s it all about?

As your doctor, I want you to know, I promote health, wellness, balance and active lifestyles. I provide my patients (and you) with strategies to improve their postures and help make everyday life a little easier for you. Helping you increase motion and flexibility in your spine helps you decrease your pain and get healthier. Chiropractic care at this office is a conservative, safe and effective.


The Brain/Body Connection

Your brain is your command center. It tells your body what to do (by way of nerves) which travel down your spinal cord into your fingers, toes and every part of your body. Nerves throughout your body provide information that goes back to your brain and tells it about its position, sensations and any pain that is going on. Your spine protects this highway of information being sent to and from your brain and body every second of the day. Any interruption of these signals can cause a traffic jam, which prevents your body from working at its optimal level. What’s that mean to you? This disruption can result in you having a lower resistance to disease and can cause an overall loss of health.


We pay attention to the nerves that control muscles, tissues, and cells and the impact nerves have on the mobility of joints and bones associated with them. Chiropractic adjustments, given on a regular basis, can restore the function of your nerves by moving the bones of your spine into proper alignment, which removes any interference and clearing the path for your body to heal itself.


What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?


As you know, I am trained to treat the whole body with an emphasis on examining your spine. I want to help you to restore movement anywhere that it’s needed and to stay healthy as you can. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the best ways I can help you to do this, so I use adjustments to restore joint movement – – so you have less pain and can move easier which means you become healthier. Be glad you’re being adjusted and refer others to the office. We want to help them as much as they want to be helped.


Chiropractic care is available to all age people and all sizes of people. At our office we provide hands-on, drug-free, non-surgical treatments, which gives your body the ability to heal itself. We give our patient’s whole body care, and then let the body do what it does best. Heal itself.