Which One Do You Choose?

Which One Do You Choose?


     I don’t know about you, but I was not the perfect child. There was a lot to learn, and I also got colds and the flu, just like you probably did. Well today I want to talk to you about ADHD. This thing they call ADHD is a commonly given diagnosis for children with behavioral problems. You know, the deal where the teachers tell you that your child is hyperactive and needs some medications. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just because you have ACTIVE children, doesn’t mean that they have ADHD.


ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and this is increasingly being given as a diagnosis to children who experience difficulties in school or at home. This can be a problem that affects them for the rest of their life, having to take increasing doses of medication into adulthood as prescribed by a medical doctor. Drugs are drugs, and unfortunately, all drugs do have side effects. They don’t have to rear their ugly head, but all drugs, even over the counter drugs have side effects.


Today, I want to offer you an alternative to a lifelong prescription and the stigma your child feels when they’re diagnosed with a problem. I know you might think I’m overreacting, but if you tell a child they have ADHD and they believe it, that’ll stick with them the rest of their life, and for me, that’s not something I want to put on my children.


How Is It Diagnosed


Being diagnosed with ADHD is a very unspecific process. It is a neurological problem, which means that it’s related to your body’s nerves and nervous system. There is no set of specific symptoms or problems that a child with ADHD has, and the causes of ADHD are equally numerous. If your child is easily distracted, restless, (which most of them are naturally) or impulsive, (again, that’s something I think all children are) the chances are good that they could be diagnosed with ADHD.


Who Should You Be Going To


A lot of people forget that as a Doctor of Chiropractor I deal with your nervous system, which is all the nerves and cells that carry messages from your brain down your spinal cord to all the parts of your body. Because the symptoms of ADHD involves the nervous system, I might find places in your child’s spine that aren’t properly aligned.


Regular Chiropractic adjustments help allow the messages from your brain to be sent and received correctly. Through Chiropractic care, your child’s nervous system, and brain function perform better, which means your brain can be restored to full capacity, if there’s a real problem. An evaluation of your child can be done to find out whether Chiropractic care is right for them. If you want to help someone with children, give them this handout, and let them know what’s available for them. Thank you.