Why Call Anyone?

   You wouldn’t ask the fire department to run over and ‘blow out’ a candle you had burning on your kitchen table, would you? You wouldn’t call an electrician and pay him $75 to change a light bulb that just burned out in your bathroom would you?


Those are very simple tasks that you probably do right now, so why do patients, (young and old alike) call on medical specialists to ‘heal’ and ‘fix’ their health problems – after years of neglect and abuse?


It’s probably because they don’t understand how the body works. My belief is that OVERKILL is the ‘norm’ in today’s medical world. They over TEST, over DIAGNOSE, and many times, over TREAT you with lots and lots of drugs, all for the sake of doing a thorough job. I’ve always said, “If you’re taking drugs, and they make you healthy, why aren’t you healthy then?”


It reality – it all boils down to FEAR.


The greatest asset you have is realizing the power you have INSIDE your body. Your body is SUPER SMART and it’s really the only thing that actually heals you. Cut yourself, and don’t do anything. You’ll still heal.


Here’s what most people miss. Your body heals itself better… when there is no interference. If your nervous system is clear, you have the best chance of getting well faster and sooner. Your body is capable of blowing out the ‘flame’ (the inflammation and sickness) all by itself.  All you have to do is make sure there is no interference. Make sure you’re getting checked regularly at the office. You could have some non-symptomatic disc lesions. CALL NOW.