Why Do I Give You A Care Plan?

Why Do I Give You A Care Plan?

I have a lot of patients that come to the office. From small children to senior citizens, and I try to help anyone that needs help. So the other day a patient asked me, “Doc, how did you come up with my care plan?”


So I thought you might be curious and I’ll try and explain how I do it in this short handout.


As a doctor of chiropractic, I take a lot of things into consideration when I’m planning out your care plan. This is where experience and the “art” of chiropractic come into play.


During your examination and consultation, your condition, your age, what you do, what you’ve done, what your current lifestyle is, your attitude, any medications you’re on, and many other factors are evaluated, recorded and compared with similar cases. Each and every factor plays a role in the recommendations I make for the first phase of your care.


I look at it like this. A plane needs enough speed to take off. Same with you. If your visits are too far apart, I won’t be able create enough momentum to reverse the downward trend you are experiencing. It’s important we pick the right balance… just for you.


As we go along, I’ll be doing more examinations. These are done frequently because I need to re-evaluate how your body is reacting to the adjustments.


The end goal is for you to regain your health, get out of pain and then be able to maintain your health. I want to help you achieve real health, not just erase your symptoms temporarily.