Why is chiropractic care so important to the entire family?

I’m sure you know that if you want to be as healthy as you can be you should spend the majority of your life getting adjusted. Here’s what most people do however. They go when they hurt, and when they don’t hurt, they don’t go. They rely upon their symptoms to tell them if they’re sick or not. No symptoms means they are healthy right? That’s all wrong, but I’ll go over that in a future newsletter.

You have a cell phone don’t you? Here’s something you heard from me that you’ll want to remember. Keep the cell phone away from your body. Not just your head, every part of your body. It’s terrible and having it next to your head all the time can cause things like cancer, brain problems, etc.

Your brain is home-base for everything that happens in your body, and all the nerves in the body are the telephone lines. When you get pain, tingling, or numbness, anywhere in your body there is usually one good source of nerve irritation. That means inflammation.

When your spinal vertebrae (back bones) are misaligned this causes irritation to the nerves at that level. This then can cause muscle tension, muscle spasm, lots of bad inflammation, and pain all along that inflamed nerve. So where are those nerves going? To your finger, intestine, ear, somewhere in your head? (Nerves are everywhere but a large portion of them are NOT pain sensitive. That means you can have issues and feel great, and be symptom FREE.)

The fact that irritation is present causes dysfunction. That dysfunction can mean headaches, indigestion, tightness in your chest, sciatica, and tingling in your fingers or toes to name a few plus it can mean that you might not feel anything. If that irritation is left alone, and you say take aspirin and just cover up the symptoms… this can lead to you have a much more serious condition down the road.

Now for my point. While I believe chiropractic can help LOTS of problems, your job as my patient is to constantly challenge me! What does that mean? Let me tell you. I want you to tell me about a new (or old) problem anytime you’re in the office… so that I can help. Bring your kiddos in to get “checked out.” With all the falls and run-ins they take, their little bodies need to be working at 100% when growing up. I’ve found that most parents neglect getting their children checked. Not because they’re bad, just because they don’t think there is anything wrong.

One last point. In case I haven’t told you this before, each adjustment I give you… boosts your immune system. Here’s what happens. Your white blood cells increase in number over the next 24 hours after your adjustment. This can be crucial when you are sick or are starting to feel sick. So don’t be afraid to keep that appointment when you are sick. It may be just the boost you need to get better – quickly.

Chiropractic care at this office is more than just getting your back “cracked.” It really is a lifestyle change. I hope that you can see why it is important to use chiropractic for more than just back pain, neck pain, etc.