Work without stress

  Stress is tough on you. When you learn to reduce your work stress, your overall stress decreases as well!


We spend most of our waking hours doing this thing we call “work” so that we can provide for our families.


Unfortunately, for far too many people, work produces a great deal of stress, which carries over to their home life, social life and all the other activities of everyday living.


We end up dreading getting out of bed in the morning. Then we dread our commute, our work environment, our interactions with bosses and co-workers, the very job we do, and then our commute back home.


No wonder so many people are tired, depressed and stressed out!


There are certain ways to de-stress your work environment. For example, you can:


Make a “To-Do” list at the end of every day, for the next day – Then you will be ready when you get to work the next day, and you’ll know exactly what you have to do. Prioritize the list so you know what to do first.


Make sure you have all the details of any assignment and the ability to get it done – You can’t do a job when you lack the skills, resources, knowledge or tools to get it done. Clarify and confirm with your supervisor what you are expected to do.


If you are in a management position, learn how to delegate – One of the biggest problems managers face is the inability to delegate. Many feel there is no one who can do the job as well as they can and it would take too long to teach them anyway. It may take an hour to explain to a subordinate how to perform a particular task, but once they learn it, they own it! Result: Less stress!


Take a break – Take a walk, run an errand, eat something, visit the water cooler, or talk to a co-worker. No one can work 24/7 without a break. Taking breaks actually increases productivity and relaxes you.


Leave your job where it belongs, at the office – If you need to catch up some work at home, spend time with the family, eat dinner, play with the kids, help with homework and bedtime routines first. Pick up your work after you’ve made your family the priority they deserve.


Everyone’s work is becoming increasingly stressful, especially as technology continues to advance. If you want to stay healthy, you find ways to de-stress. Remember the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, sufficient sleep and routine chiropractic care to keep your body and mind well tuned and functioning at peak capacity!